Luckan’s spaces

The information and culture center Luckan is located at Yrjönkatu 27. Here we organise many different kinds of activities and events, such as meetings, lectures, concerts and exhibitions. 

In Luckan, you will find four different areas for our visitors, Torget, Verandan, Hörnet and LillaLuckan, and our office spaces, which make up for a total space of 1088m2. Verandan, Hörnet and Torget are on the ground floor. Lilla Luckan as well as our office spaces are on the second floor. The spaces are very different, and suitable for different activities and needs. You can find more detailed information about each of the different spaces below. 

*Note: There is a renovation going on in Luckan, at least until the beginning of November 2020. To enter Luckan during this period, use Luckan’s accessible entrance. You cannot rent Luckan’s spaces during this time and minor changes to the program may occur. For further information about the premises during this period, contact [email protected].

At the main entrance at Yrjönkatu 27, there are two steps leading up to the door. There is an accessible entrance without steps around the corner from the main entrance: from the main entrance go a little towards the south along Yrjönkatu, and through the archway facing Kukontori. 

If you need help with the door, you can either ring the doorbell, or telephone us when you arrive. On weekdays when Luckan is open (Mon – Fri 10-17), you can call us on +358505210080, but for events on evenings and/or weekends or holidays please be in touch with the organiser in advance or use the contact information found in the event information. 

By the main entrance there is a step leading up to a small elevator By the accessible entrance, there is a larger elevator for access to the cellar and LillaLuckan.

– In Luckan’s premises there are a few smaller thresholds which are about two cm from the ground.
– Luckan has four smaller ladies and gentlemen’s toilets and an accessible unisex toilet. The toilets are located in the cellar, which can be accessed using the spacious elevator by the accessible entrance.
– Upon request, a hearing loop can be installed on the premises.
– Sign-language and audio description may be offered upon request depending on Luckan’s financial resources.
– There are communication aids available for use and a tactile pedagogical bag available for loan.
– Guide dogs are welcome.

Extra information about the space LillaLuckan:

– LillaLuckan is situated on the second floor. A staircase and a spacious elevator lead up to the space. The space has two entrances.
– To access LillaLuckan, ring the doorbell by the entrance. The space is always locked, also when activities are ongoing.
– LillaLuckan is an open space with an accessible unisex toilet.


You can park for a short period of time in front of Luckan’s main entrance. The nearest parking garage is the one situated in Forum. There are spacious elevators from the parking garage to the third floor of Forum on Kukontori from where it is a short walk outside (approx. 50 meters) to Luckan.

This short video presents Luckan’s activities, spaces and accessibility.

You will find the accessible entrance to Luckan’s spaces in the corridor between Georgsgatan and Tuppens torg.

Collaborations and renting of spaces

Luckan is planning the spring activities in November and the fall activities in may. Sporadic collaborations and bookings can be made throughout the year. As an addition to Luckan’s own activities and events Luckan has a lot of external collaboration partners using the spaces. Luckan is a lively cultural house and we are happy to discuss renting our spaces or possible collaborations.

Organizers who use our spaces need to answer to our values. That is to treat everybody equally and with respect, without any form of discrimination based on ones background, gender, culture, religion or language affiliation. Luckan is a politically and religiously independent organisation that provides spaces for societally beneficial activities. Luckan does not participate in party-bound election activities, events or campaigns.

When Luckan rents out spaces existing technical equipment is included in the rent as well as ALV. When a booking agreement is made additional technical or other needs can be discussed.

Daytime: 9-17 50€/hour
Eveningtime: 17-21 100€/hour
A whole day: Mon-Fri 500€ and Fri-Sun 700€

Minimum billing 2 hours and from there every started hour.

Torget is suitable for e.g. seminars, lectures, exhibitions, concerts, smaller plays, and performances. Torget is Luckan’s main assembly hall, and open for the public between 10:00-17:00 during weekdays. At Torget you will find Luckan’s information desk and customer computers.

Seating: Around 60. Without chairs there is space for more people.
Technical equipment: Projector and sound system upon request
Area: 190m2

Verandan is suitable for e.g. meetings, exhibitions, presentations and smaller cultural events. Verandan is connected to Torget with a glass door between the two spaces. There are three large windows facing towards Yrjönkatu.

Seating: Max. 50
Technical equipment: Projector. Sound system upon request.
Area: Around 60m2


Hörnet is suitable for smaller events, counselling and meetings. The space is divided into two counselling areas with doors and a kitchen. Hörnet has three large windows facing Yrjönkatu.

Seatings: Around 15-20
Technical equipment: Projector and sound system upon request
Area: Around 90m2


LillaLuckan is Luckan’s space for children’s culture. The space is child friendly and is suitable for play, family cafés, and smaller cultural events. Also meetings and lectures can be organised in the space. 

LillaLuckan is situated on the second floor. The space is divided into two bigger and one smaller room. There is a kitchen and a calm room suitable for breastfeeding. The toilet is spacious, and has a changing table. The hallway is spacious and there is a lot of space for prams. 

Seatings: 50-60
Technical equipment: Projector and sound system
Area: Around 230m2

Collaboration and the booking of the spaces

In addition to Luckan’s own activities we also have a lot of external collaboration partners that organise activities within the different spaces at Luckan. We want Luckan to be a vivid cultural centre, and are happy to discuss the letting of our spaces or possible collaborations. 

Luckan plans its activities for the spring in November, and for the fall in May. Sporadic bookings can be made all year around. 

For more information about the spaces, or inquiries about bookings and rentals please contact [email protected] or +358505210080.

When Luckan lets its spaces, the space and the technical equipment are included in the price, as well as VAT. Further needs for technical equipment can be discussed at the time of the booking. 

Daytime: 9-17 50€/ hour
Evening: 17-21 100€/ hour
Entire day: Mon-Fri 500€ and Sat-Sun 700€

The minimum charge is 2 hours. Thereafter a charge will be made for every beginning hour.

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