Luckan – the Finland-Swedish information and cultural centre in Helsinki – is a private operator serving the population of the capital region of Finland and representing the Finland-Swedish culture and society within the region.

The Finnish-Swedish-room Luckan works not only as an information point and meeting place but also offers the public a wide range of activities (cultural and social) in Swedish and other languages, locally, regionally and throughout Finland and beyond.

You can find Luckan at 13 locations in Finland, from Borgå (Porvoo) in the east to Uleåborg (Oulu) in the northwest. At Luckan.fi you can choose your location.

If you are new to Finland, please visit our welcome page here.

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As a cross-border operator from the third sector Luckan has a natural mandate to contribute in various ways to profile the Swedish public face of Finland and improve the Swedish services in the region. The association also serves as project launcher and principal for many public utilities. As a cultural center Luckan offers artists the space and opportunity to implement cultural events for the public.

In Luckan you will find:

  • A Finland-Swedish room for all
  • Cultural and social events, theme days, press conferences and more
  • Free usage of Internet, in most Luckan offices you may use modern computers for information search and networking
  • Information on the Finland-Swedish society
  • Read Finland-Swedish newspapers from all over Finland and over sixty branch magazines

Luckan offers information on:

  • Events with Finland-Swedish elements
  • Education, courses and general funding
  • Finno-Swedish organisations and societies
  • Social welfare, day care and language care
  • Possibilities for staying abroad, voluntary work
  • Help in society sectors, social help and welfare


The Finland-Swedish information centre LUCKAN was founded in April 1992 on Nylands svenska landskapsförbund’s and Mellannylandsprojektet’s initiative. The aim was to create a Finland-Swedish service- and meeting point that could serve the around 70.000 Swedish speaking and bilingual citizens of Mellannyland (Middle Newland*).

In November 1998 LUCKAN moved into The Glass Palace and by the year 2000 LUCKAN was registered as an independent association. Organisations behind Luckan (2020) are Sydkustens Landskapsförbund, Samfundet Folkhälsan, Svenska Österbottens förbund för utbildning och kultur (SÖFUK), Kulturföreningen Grand r.f., Västnyländska kultursamfundet, Föreningen för svenska i Lahtis r.f. and föreningen Nordens Hus i Tammerfors.

By March 2004 Luckan obtained new favourable premises in the Forum block, were the activity continues.

The name LUCKAN has perplexed many, and means window (ticket window), it comes from when LUCKAN started its business giving social- and cultural information through a ticket window in the Swedish Theatre of Helsinki. At that time LUCKAN was an information window similar in size to the ticket windows around it.

* Middle Newland, part of Uusimaa province of Southern Finland, main city is the capital Helsingfors.