Luckan integration is offering a WORK TRY OUT as a Circle Coordinator

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Luckan integration is offering a WORK TRY OUT as a Circle Coordinator

Description: Coordinator

The Circle is a social networking concept that aims at facilitating new encounters and building bridges between people. This is a position where you have the possibility to practise social media marketing, learn more about networking and integration, update your work experience, be creative and work as a part of our dynamic team. The work try-out includes a process of counseling for the trainee and the tasks can be adjusted to fit individual needs. The position requires a good English but offers a good opportunity for practising Swedish and/or Finnish.

As a Circle coordinator your main tasks are: 

  • administration of applications (English)
  • matching of new circles (English)
  • evaluation and statistics (English)
  • marketing (English, Swedish, Finnish)
  • up-date of website (English, Swedish, Finnish)
  • customer service (Swedish, English and other languages)
  • other tasks upon agreement


Experience in working within the field of integration is a plus, but not required, experience in marketing and social media is also seen as an advantage. The coordinator must be fluent in English.  We are looking for someone active and independent, a people’s person who is ready to take on the project and drive it forward. You will be part of the Luckan integration team and especially involved with issues of mentorship and creation of inclusive social events. 

What we are offering

We are offering a work try-out position as a Circle coordinator up to 6 months. A work try-out is for a person who is unemployed and interested in gaining work experience. The work try-out includes counseling to  assist you on your pathway.  Information about work try-outs: 


Applications must be sent to [email protected]  before 16.11.2020 but we will process applications ongoingly. The work-try out would start in December. Enquiries to Head of Development/team leader: Ann-Jolin Grüne 040-165 9616 or [email protected] 

Luckan and our  language environment: 

Luckan – the Finland-Swedish Information and Culture Centre in Helsinki – is an association serving the population of the capital region and representing the Finland-Swedish culture and society within the region. Luckan is an all activity centre for the capital region’s residents, newcomers and visitors. Luckan works not only as an information point and meeting place but also offers the public a wide range of activities (cultural and social) in Swedish and other languages.  You can find Luckan at twelve locations in Finland, from Borgå (Porvoo) in the east to Uleåborg (Oulu) in the northwest. 

  • internal communication through email mainly in Swedish.
  • personnel meetings, planning days are in Swedish. 
  • applications are mainly written in Swedish.
  • Slack: partly in Swedish and partly in English (the integration thread)
  • customer service in the center: Swedish, English, Finnish

Luckan integration and our language environment

We offer information and counselling for immigrants in questions related to work, studies, free-time activities and help in sorting out official matters. Main work language is English. Knowledge of other languages than Swedish, Finnish and English are is seen as plus. We organise events for immigrants mainly in English but for volunteers and other partners in Swedish. 

  • Customer work in English, Swedish, Finnish and other languages 
  • Integration meetings: English
  • Communication within the integration team depends on who is present: Swedish/English.
  • Slack: English
  • Development days / planning days: English 
  • Events in English and Swedish
  • Meetings with partners: Swedish, Finnish, English 
  • Project applications: Swedish, English, Finnish
  • Annual reports/plans: Swedish
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